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Fasting for Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes and Malnutrition


Why are so many seniors undernourished?


It is a sad fact that so many elderly people in Britain today are chronically underweight and undernourished. As we age we naturally become more frail and susceptible to illness we may also struggle to prepare a nutritious meal or take regular medication. As our life expectancy increases so does our vulnerability to illness, with type 2 diabetes becoming more and more prevalent.


Diabetes Awareness - Bridgewater Home Care


If a person is diagnosed with diabetes then it often requires a lifestyle change and a new routine, but if you are elderly this may be overwhelming difficult to achieve. Impaired physical functioning may make it almost impossible to make appropriate meals and snacks, test blood sugars and keep up to date with any medication. Sadly, this is leading to undernourishment and malnutrition amongst our elderly population.


What can we do to help?


If you have a loved one, or an elderly neighbour that seems to be struggling there are a few things you can to that will make a positive impact on their life.


• Encourage them to keep quick-acting carbohydrates nearby, as well as glucose tablets should their blood sugar level drop.
• Try setting them up with a medication dispenser.
• Set alarms to remind them to eat.
• Help get some easy to prepare nutritious meals that they can cook themselves.
• Take the time to visit and chat, elderly people living with diabetes have more instances of depression and can experience more isolation.
• Make sure they are wearing an identification bracelet that states they are diabetic.


Diabetes Awareness and fasting - Bridgewater Home Care


To raise awareness of malnutrition amongst the elderly, the team at Bridgewater Home Care have completed a five day fast to gain a deeper understanding of how it feels to be truly hungry, and to raise awareness and funds for Diabetes UK.


Director, Phil Eckersley, who has completed the full five day fast said, “the past five days have been a real challenge. The first two days were the most testing with strong hunger pangs but the body seemed to adjust. Over the five days I have lost over 5kg in weight, that’s 1kg each day. This really shows how important it is to ensure vulnerable people are well nourished and hydrated as the impact of this can be truly severe. I wanted to experience myself what it is like to be in a less fortunate position and I am glad to have completed the five day water only fast. I hope we can help raise awareness of the challenges faced by older people living with diabetes and older people generally who need greater care and attention to ensure they are well looked after. Bridgewater Home Care prides itself in ensuring that our Clients are well nourished, hydrated and cared for in a personalised, safe and supportive way.”


If you have a loved one who is struggling to cope with diabetes, isolation, malnutrition or would simply benefit from a little support, please get in touch with our home care team today on 01942 215 888.