Frequently Asked Questions

At Bridgewater Home Care we aspire to ensure that our valued Clients are well informed and supported throughout their experience with us. In most cases we will work closely with family members to provide the peace of mind and surety that they need to be safe in the knowledge that Bridgewater Home Care will provide a service to their loved ones of the highest order.


Our goal is to be the most admired and trusted care provider for all stakeholders. If you have a question and do not find the answer below, please do contact us on 01942 215 888 where our team will be happy to help you.


In which locations do you operate?


Bridgewater Home Care is a rapidly growing care company.  We currently provide services across the North West of England, however if you are unsure as to whether we can provide services in your local area then please contact us on 01942 215 888 or email  We have a dedicated team of fully trained and qualified care workers who are available to work at short notice.  Please feel free to take a look at our locations here.


What services do you provide?


Bridgewater Home Care is a very different care company.  We do not provide the traditional task based, pop in 15-minute visits.  We recommend a visit length of 1-hour (30-minute minimum) up to 24-hours a day 365 days a year.  Our services are relationship focused which makes the world of difference to the wellbeing of our Clients.  You might be surprised at what we can do for your loved one.  You can find out more about what services we offer here.  If you are unable to find a service you are looking for then please do give us a call on 01942 215 888 and we would be happy to help.


Why are Bridgewater Home Care different?


It can often feel like a minefield when searching for a reliable and trustworthy care service.  At Bridgewater Home Care we pride ourselves on providing the very highest quality of services to vulnerable people in the community.  Our ethos and our rigorous recruitment process ensures that our services are consistently provided with quality and dignity by all our care team.  We believe that quality is not an act, it is a habit.  A few of the many things we do differently can be seen below, we believe all are crucial to provide excellent quality care.


  • We send the same Care worker to each visit
  • We introduce the Care workers to the Client
  • We arrive on time and leave on time – we are not ‘clock watchers’
  • We match the Care worker and Client together – this way a relationship builds
  • We are there for the Client (not just the task) – providing person centred, tailor made care


I am currently in a contract with another domiciliary care company, but I am not happy with the service they provide. Can I change to Bridgewater Home Care?


Yes.  You are perfectly entitled and have the right to change from your current provider to Bridgewater Home Care, we can even support you through this process.  Before moving to Bridgewater Home Care, you may need to provide your current provider with a notice period, this should be stated in the contract with your current provider.


My relative / friend would benefit from some support at home but I’m not sure what they need?


Bridgewater Home Care are here to make yours and your loved ones lives easier and simpler.  We can provide services from simple companionship to long term 24-hour care at home.  When you make your initial enquiry with us one of our highly qualified management team members will arrange to visit and assess your / their needs and requirements.  As we are trained to do this we will then be able to offer a suite of services that will meet the appropriate level of support.  A care plan is then completed whilst working closely with family members / clients to ensure all stakeholders are satisfied.  We are here to help you.


What happens on Bank Holidays?


We provide our care services 24/7, 365 days a year.  On Bank Holidays the care services you receive will continue as normal unless we are otherwise informed.


I am aware that many providers send different carers and you never know who is coming – would Bridgewater Home Care be different?


One of the many aspects of the quality care we provide is our commitment to continuity of care.  When we provide a service we match care workers to each Client based on location, interests and qualifications amongst others.  We have an excellent reputation for providing continuity of care to our Clients, this means that each of our Clients has their own dedicated care worker or care team who they are able to get to know and build a relationship with.  This benefits both the quality of care we provide and the quality of care our Clients receive.


Who pays for the care Bridgewater Home Care provide?


Bridgewater Home Care are a provider of high quality private domiciliary care (also known as home care).  Many of our Clients pay for their services using their own financial means, however we also provide our services to those who receive funding through the NHS or Local Authorities with many Clients receiving our high quality care for free.


If you require further information about how our care services are funded and your / your loved ones individual circumstances then please feel free to call us on 01942 215 888 or email